Welcome to the presentation of ZKKC! 

ZKKC s.r.o. is a new company established in 2013, built on more than 20 years of experience in steel and plate constructionindustry.

As a small and flexible company we are able to keep cost low and provide individualized attention to your specifications. We focus onproviding many aspects ofa metalsmith´s trade, including construction engineering of equipment for sporting centres, medical beds and custom metal parts production.

We are also equipped with machinery for surface finishes (degreasing, plastic powder coating or liquid paint application).The majority of our product is exported to various EU countries (Great Britain, Austria, The Netherlands).


ZKKC s.r.o.
V. Nezvala 437/64
674 01 Třebíč
e-mail: zkkc.sro@gmail.com

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